Amber Heard’s Tech Case — No Captcha Against Bots on Change Hate Petition, Removed Dior Petition, Elections, & Persona Non Grata — Aquaman 2

— Proof of Domestic Abuse and Warner Bros Jokes

Thanks for all supporting Amber Heard’s life…. Here’s an update showing links to proof, change, and double standards which hide Amber Heard’s side… 🧡✈️ Learn more..

From not installing bot protections and removing anti-JD Dior petitions, to the Persona Non Grata outlined by The Geek Buzz and Hollywood Reporterto inside jokes from WB studios such as Animaniacs

See the connections of the story to social media, technology, and the capabilities of influencing elections [or creating hate campaigns and stopping progress]…

Compare and Contrast: Seen above are screenshots of two petitions — one with captcha and one without — a screenshot that Amber’s sister, assistant, friends, and former director deactivated Instagrams a month after Amber was validated in the UK’s winning case, ironically the November 3rd post of “Your Vote is Your Voice, Use It” under Warner Bros Entertainment’s Instagram with the worst hate comments/bot likes, and Coded Bias of Tay the Bot did not put CAPTCHA onto the Hate Petition (to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman) despite many inquiries and Bot Sentinel proof 5 months ago

Instead they put it onto ours (after tests)…

Change did, however, keep the comments disabled since November on two hate petitions which shows they recognize that hate against Amber exists. It can reduce incitation to hate or violence (section 130) minimally, but they are continuing to show horrific double standards. also removed petitions against JD in Dior immediately with the only thing that could possibly be supposedly ‘wrong’ is a ‘wife beater’ designation (but it’s now ‘legal’).

The “error” page no longer shows on It now shows as completely removed. Another one to UK Advertising Standards Agency was also removed, seen here:

You can STILL SEE The 3rd one (the ASA complaint) to remove Depp the ‘wife beater’ in Dior re-posted (also hidden from search) one here:

I tested and professional bot farms or VPSes only start to get shadowbanned with Captcha, but that also can be bypassed, but without it, they can do it unlimitedly for very ‘little’ money with machine learning

  • 20K a day bc it’s automated to create fake news.

Please share Amber’s side and why the 12 incidents of violence against her were validated…

Positive Comments on Support Petition: “We Support Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, Her Life, and Public Safety to Save Lives,” Amber Heard at event for awareness with ACLU of harassment of women, and Animaniacs (a Warner Bros show) showing “Johnny 2, Telling Lies” as an inside joke.

You can Check The Geek Buzz for many articles:

He spoke to a WB Executive twice

Incredibly INCREDIBLE’s channel with missing audios of Amber’s side:

  • I will work on a 4th video which you can see more of her side, again.

Anything on our channel also works.. too..

Please consider that the technology industry is really harmful against women, to not even include in algorithms, so you have a hard time seeing her side...

Amber Heard is a spokesperson for Cyber Civil Rights and World Identity Network.

Parts of the Audio 1 and 2 which show Amber Heard experiencing domestic violence from her ex…

See the shocking way Change removes petitions against Depp, yet does the double standards to sink her with fake news with no Captcha and *never removing* petitions which threaten Amber Heard:

The Re-Posted Complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency about “wife beater” Johnny Depp in Dior’s SUAVAGE (or Savage) ad is:

Remove Wife Beater Johnny Depp from Dior’s Sauvage Advertisement

Tess Mercer Luthor started this petition to Advertising Standards Authority and 4 others

Dear Advertising Standards Authority: Dior is being irresponsible to allow Johnny Depp, who was violent towards his ex wife, to be in its advertisements for its Sauvage perfume.

Not only in the past has it been accused of discrimination with racism, it is now promoting a person who UK Judge Nicol stated had assaulted his ex partner 12 times.

Victims of domestic abuse should not see advertising with men that have been legally proven to have harmed their partners.

The Sun was sued by Johnny Depp and Depp lost his case against them on November 2, 2020. Amber Heard had been violently abused by Depp with cases of choking, pushing, hitting, kicking repeatedly, and obtaining a concussion.

“We have received a total of 11 complaints about this ad,” a spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority said. It shouldn’t matter about the total amount, but of the quality.

As with the media online, it causes rationalization of harming women to a crime scene. It is causing rationalization of harming Amber Heard and other women.

Hate groups and men’s rights groups have promoted petitions and social accounts online against Amber Heard. It’s escalated to where she was harassed in-person during the July trial and required a police escort. Death threats continue 24/7. “Fathers for Justice” posted a billboard outside the trial.

People have been afraid of testifying or supporting Amber publicly from online threats. Although Dior may have an increase in selling, it’s glorifying harming women. “The attitude [toward Depp] in the UK will be very different to the one in eastern Europe, for example.” If you are a responsible authority, you should be very cautious about allowing advertising with men proven to have harmed their partners and are the faces of men’s rights groups online.

As a country that outlawed coercive control, prevention of violence and abuse should be priority. To allow ads that rationalize and enable violence against women, and any others who support them, is volatile.

This should be on record against Dior’s advertising with figures who have harmed others violently. Is there any decency?”

  • UK Judge Nicol ruled that 12 domestic violence incidents against Amber Heard were valid on November 2, 2020 with a winning case for her and NGN News. Johnny Depp is a “Legal Wife Beater.”
  • Ellen Barkin is an ex of Johnny Depp and made a deposition statement as a witness supporting Amber Heard for her Virginia, USA case. She wrote online that they only care about women after they are dead, after she re-posted an article about Amber. “And we never will be…unless we’re dead.”
  • Kate Moss was found crouched in a corner after police were called when Depp was destroying his hotel room. Staff members believe he pushed Kate and that staff would walk away.
  • Not only this, but JD has been known to call himself ‘savage’ (likely when he ‘beats the f* out of people’ for giving him s*) when he gets angry according to texts in the trial.

Remove “Wife Beater” Johnny Depp from advertisements from Dior that enable abuse against women.

Linked Here:

See The Geek Buzz refer to the Hollywood Reporter’s Article of the “Persona Non Grata”:

The Hollywood Reporter’s Devastating Exposé on Johnny Depp

“… Hollywood persona non grata…”

“The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood’s first daily entertainment trade newspaper and one of its most respected, is out today with a devastating look at Johnny Depp’s career death spiral. It documents, among other things, the “erratic and violent behavior that wrecked one of the world’s most bankable stars,” exposes his dealings with former lobbyist Adam Waldman and Saudi Arabian Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, and compares his social media fans to that of Donald Trump’s…”

Bots, social media smear campaigns… you’ve read about those here but read the entire piece at the Hollywood Reporter.

The video below is from Coded Bias and Algorithm Justice League, showing that women are being excluded in machine learning technology projects, that it’s easy to make people follow if they *think* they see others doing it — including harming elections or signing petitions or joining hate campaigns — and Tay the Bot learning sexism and racism on Twitter’s ecosystemThe same shows in our tests.

Read more articles from Joey at The Geek Buzz:

Continue looking into Amber Heard’s side, and you’ll learn greatly on what needs to change in society! ✈️